The Preacher

David 'Dave' Davidson's debut comedy show may be socially distanced, but the laughs are closer together than ever.

★★★★½ “...highly recommended” - The Adelaide Show

Performing online with no live audience before him, Dave struggles to maintain the momentum in his act. However with effort and a liberal dose of wine, he takes the audience along on his journey to question a seemingly absurd and unfair world.

The Preacher is a project that explores the wisdom of King Solomon through the performce of a modern day comedian David 'Dave' Davidson.

The projects exists as a digital theatre performance of the biblical book of Ecclesiastes (Koheleth) framed as a contemporary stand-up comedy show and as a series of online vignettes of other texts attributed to Solomon.

The digital presentation views the text of Ecclesiastes from the Hebrew Bible as the written recording of a performance to a gathered crowd some two millennia ago. A performance that used humour and rhetoric in a similar manner to today’s stand-up comedians. It explores the relationship between performance and preaching, and contemporary and ancient wisdom.